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Oil-Fuelled Decompression

24 March 2017 by lberuti

After a few months a stability, oil experienced a tumultuous month of March. Over the last four weeks, it has slid more than 10% amid supply woes. Russia’s policy makers are leaning on the cautious side. They said they were using below consensus estimates - $50/barrel on average in 2017, falling to $40/barrel at the end of 2017 and then staying near that level during the 2 following years – to establish growth forecasts in an economy still driven by oil to a large extent, adding to the market nervousness in doing so. That certainly goes a long way in explaining the underperformance of the energy heavy CDX HY compared to its investment grade benchmark equivalent, CDX IG. Since the 24th February, CDX IG series 27 – series 28 did not exist at the time – has tightened by 3bps to 60bps, while CDX HY series 27 has widened by 7bps to 327bps. Using a standard beta and thus assuming 1bp of CDX IG is equivalent to 5bps of CDX HY, it means HY has underperformed IG by almost 1 percentage point in cash price over the last 4 weeks.