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Calm Before The Storm?

27 May 2016 by lberuti

As expected, today was a very quiet session ahead of the bank holiday week-end - which means US and UK financial centres will be closed for 3 days - and Mrs Yellen speaking this evening. The latter speech and next week ECB meeting are potential market movers. They could push credit one way or the other, and investors have been cautious enough to square their positions before today’s liquidity lull. Changes on the day were minimal on a vast majority of names, as shown be the pale shade of the above grapple. There are a few bright spots of red courtesy of US energy names, which gave up part of the impressive gains they made yesterday. PIZEXP (Pizzaexpress) was also among the underperformers . Their partnership with O2 and a new home delivery strategy were not enough to compensate for disappointing 2016 Q3 numbers.