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25 February 2015 by pdonnat

For those enjoying the ski season, DataGrapple offers to catch up with what is happening on the CDS market in these incredible times. DataGrapple does work on the ski lifts (with a large screen) but the data are updated only when you are already enjoying the après-ski. My preferred Grapple today is the candlestick Grapple on the Europe High Yield Universe. What you need to know can be sum up easily: (1) Greek corporate CDS, Hellenic Telecommunications Organization SA and Public Power Corp SA, had a very bumpy course but they are now trading at the tightest level of the year; (2) a couple of names are missing the rally like Portugal Telecommunication SGPS which is a very active CDS, trading around 30MUSD per day. With no surprise, Russian banks are still trading very wide for a reason. Financière Quick and Stretford 79 Plc are lagging and we can really worry on the fate of these 2 LBOs.