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Welcome To 2015!

05 January 2015 by lberuti

First of all, the DataGrapple team wishes you all a successful and prosperous 2015. As investors came back to their desks, liquidity gradually returned to the market and the outcome was probably not what most had been wishing for during their Christmas break. After an uneventful morning session, credit resolutely headed south after oil resumed its relentless slide, flirting with the $50 mark at the close of the European markets. Credit was also affected by the news flow surrounding a potential “Grexit” which intensified over the week-end and the headache it will undoubtedly give to Mr Draghi when it will come to decide whether January 22nd is the proper date to pull the QE trigger. Even though there was no obvious sign of contagion outside Greece, it left very few names unscathed and our Grapple paints many different shades of red. Currently it seems that the market will have to deal with the very same issues that have driven performance towards the end of 2014.