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A Day For Nothing

24 July 2014 by HCM

The very pale shade of green says it all… It was another day without big impact news, and the activity was subdued leading to contained daily moves. No sector stood out one way or the other and it is pretty much the same picture if you go step further by clicking on the “bomb” to get a more detailed view and see what happened to all the entities that compose the iTraxx Main index. You will see that BSY (British Sky Broadcasting Group Plc) outperformed slightly ahead its results tomorrow. Its 5 year risk premium tightened 5.5bps to 111bps as investors expect them to announce a new strategy alongside figures. At the other end, KINGFI (Kingfisher Plc) was 2.5bps wider following a poor set of results today, despite confirming their full year guidance. But this is as exciting as it got.