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From Dull To Duller

14 May 2018 by lberuti

Last week was understandably quiet. Almost every single day, some part of Europe was closed because of bank a holiday. There was some hope that today would mark the return of some form of activity, but in the synthetic credit market, trading ranges were tight once again and volumes were equally low – you can find them at OTC Streaming -. If you had told people a few weeks ago that by mid-May Argentina’s risk premium would have doubled and that a coalition of far right and left populist parties would be about to form a government in Italy, I doubt that many would have said that credit would be at the tights of the year and that realised volatility would be rock bottom. It seems that after some bruising experiences over the last couple of years, no one wants to get bear trapped. The result is the uniformly grey above grapple.