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Do as I say, not as I do

23 August 2017 by pdonnat

WPP blames “Uncertainty and short-termism reducing investment in favor of buybacks/dividends, although market levels lowering attraction” as a reason for the lack of dynamism of the advertising market. Companies are cutting costs to keep dividends & buy-backs very close to 100% of operating profits. At the same time WPP intends “Use of our substantial cash flow to enhance EPS through acquisitions, share buy-backs and debt reduction”. This was not enough to avoid the 10% drop in WPP’s share price today. WPP credit default swap did not react as much. The CDS is only 3 bps wider at 63 bps. Looking at the attached grapple, we see that the credit market is much more cautious on WPP for some time. The CDS is 40% wider than its lows mid-June. The company intends to use cheap debt to increase its net debt to twice its EBIDTA. The uncertainty of WPP’s EBITDA is a new challenge for credit investors. However, today was more an equity story with an interesting analyst presentation with a lot of data. WPP confirmed for instance the stress on the retail sector which is cutting on ads, -3% yoy.
Meanwhile, the credit index market was quiet. The credit index index option market was busier with some investors looking at options rather than outright hedges for the months to come.